Channel partnership

Channel partnership

 We want to be the link between property developer and buyer

Benefits of buying or selling a premium property through a channel partner like Global Property Cowboys

-Are you thinking of buying or selling premium properties ? If you are new to the real estate market, this may be a tedious and time consuming task. Even though you are ready to shell out the money to buy a lavish property that enhances your personality and your financial portfolio, choosing the right property is one of the toughest decision you will have to make. Especially with the rising real estate costs, this is an investment that must be able to reap rewards in the long run.


Many people scan through brokers and agents, and visit properties as per their suggestions to choose their own premium property in Lots of places in the world. However, a broker has his own vested interest and may not be transparent while showing you properties . Especially if you are a NRI, chances of fraud and wrong purchases increase multi-fold.


Then what is the solution to buy the right and rewarding premium property? Read on to understand the role of channel partners in selling premium properties.


What is a channel partner?


Channel Partners are an agency that work with certain builders and help them in selling properties. Though the nature of properties may change, the basic responsibility of a channel partner is to give the customer a property that suits his needs exactly and ensure a transparent and flawless dealing.


How can you benefit from buying via a channel partner?


Even though a channel partner is confused with a broker, both are very different in the way they work. If you are spending a huge amount on a property, ensure that you purchase from the right source.


  • A channel partner takes his fees from the builder while the broker will normally take handsome fees from you as well as the builder
  • A channel partner who only deals in luxury properties, will have a large database of apartments  to show you. His niche market gives him an added advantage over a broker.
  • If you want to buy a property directly from a builder, you have to visit various corporate offices, talk to many builders, explain your budget and location needs, etc to every single builder. Sharing this information with so many people will be a waste of time and energy, whereas sharing this with a single channel partner will get you all the premium properties in Pune in no time!
  • A channel partner will pay attention to your needs very carefully, and suggest properties that suit your requirements unlike brokers who will only suggest properties that give them more commission.

So what exactly does that mean for you as a property buyer:

-We will search together with you in the database of Property developers we have and together well discuss whatever your needs are and which propjects might be interesting for you.

-If you have made a choice, we will get in toch with the project/developer and collect the information you need.

-If everything is what you need, we will connect you with the developer and we will accompany you in this whole proces, to get you to the property destination and along with the developer/estate agent up to the signing proces.

And what does it mean for the Project developer

- we will collect all the property development information we need from you and we will make inventory about all that information.

-we will connect with our social media channel partners to reach out to all potential customers and provide them with extensive property information.

- We also will go trough all other optional media channels to do the same and spread the info thoughout our extensive network all over the world.

- In case of customer interest, will will guide them through this first part of the proces, provide them with extensive development information and pass the customer on through you as the developer/estate agent. If needed we will stay standby for any potential questions or problems.

We have a standard start up fee for a channel partnership of 500€ for development companies and real estate agents and we have detailed legal channel partnership agreements. We calculate 2 % of the property price of every property signing done by every customer we accompany to you as a developer and we do the same with private customers effective when they agree to sign a property, with a minimum of 1000€. 

Channel partners are proving to be a boon in the real estate markets.

We have proven channel partnerships trough out the world with either large or smaller development projects. You either have, or want to buy a property in a ongoing development project? maybe its the time to get to know eachother. 

we are Channel partners for oa:

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